Global Switch is currently transforming their iconic World Press building to host the next generation data centre.

The project, which comprises of a few very defined and carefully timed phases will see by the end of 2018, the completion of 2,545m² of IT space complete with dedicated cooling to achieve an annualised target PUE of 1.2, leading the way in environmentally sustainable design.

To support the new white space, the building will also be upgraded with a new reception area with new security features and amenities, as well as extended and upgraded external technical space to allocate dedicated adiabatic free cooling chillers and new meet me rooms to cater for the enhanced connectivity and power supply.

Location: East London, UK
Client: Global Switch
RIBA stage: Stage; 7 (2018)
Role: Lead Designer
IT cooling type: Adiabatic free cooling
IT load: 2.0W/m²
IT area: 2,545m²
Total area: 8,062m²
Overall building area: 122,000m²

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