Following the completion of the Merlin project, in 2014 NWA were commissioned to complete the design of the remaining land at Principal Park.

The proposed site layout accommodates 2 data hall buildings, emergency power building and a business hub office with a ground floor café, along with all associated external plant, car parking and hard/soft landscaping.

2018 saw the completion of the first building, which provides 6,400m² of IT space with a 12MVA power supply, cooling by roof mounted IAC units, external generators and switchrooms, car parking and hard/soft landscaping and includes the provision of circa 1,815m² of office space with the corresponding amenities.

Location: Crawley, UK
Client: Digital Realty
RIBA stage: Stage; 7 (2018)
Role: Lead Designer / Construction Architects
IT cooling type: Indirect air cooling
IT load: 1.87kW/m²
IT area: 6,400m²
Total area: 10,140m²

Crawley NWA plc