Following the completion of the De President data centre, Digital Realty took the option to purchase the adjoining site and commissioned NWA to prepare early design proposals and explore the urban design requirements of the municipality. A scheme that would provide 6x3MW data halls of 1,200m² was developed, incorporating the stringent planning requirements of the De President development area.

Following a fast tracked process, permit was granted in May 2017 for the scheme, which is single storey and has low energy IAC cooling in external compounds between the data halls. Electrical plant is also situated between the data halls, with cooling mounted on the roof. The construction is lightweight steel frame, with composite, insulated steel panel cladding.

Location: Amsterdam, NL
Client: Digital Realty
RIBA stage: Stage; 3 (2017)
Role: Lead Designer
IT cooling type: Indirect air cooling
IT load: 2.05kW/m²
IT area: 7,200m²
Total area: 10,737m²